As window-dressing, the MoEF added 118 conditions to its clearances to Posco's port and power-cum steel plant. The ministry has little infrastructure to check or ensure compliance, which would anyway require nothing short of Posco giving up on the project. Why? Sample a few sermons:   "Rainwater will be harvested and used and the capacity of the reservoir enhanced to minimum two months requirement." That requirement works out to a minimum of 6,000 lakh gallons, seriously!   "No water bodies or natural drains in the area shall be disturbed" and "Posco shall ensure that no industrial activity shall be carried out within CRZ area." Also, the company "will not undertake any destruction of mangroves" and "the sand dunes…on the site should not be disturbed in any way." To honour these conditions, Posco will have to construct the port on stilts, and the plant mid-air.   "The fishing activity… should not be hindered" and "a mechanism maybe evolved for the movement of fishing boats vis-à-vis shipping activities". Even if Posco opts for restricted shipping activity, a business compromise, how will such tokenism ensure unhindered fishing in the vicinity of a mega port?   Posco "shall ensure that as a result of the proposed construction, ingress of saline water into groundwater does not take place". No, the ministry does not explain how and it does not take itself too seriously either. So assuming that ingress of salinity will anyway happen, it asks Posco to "consider installing a desalination plant to cater drinking water in the neighbourhood."   "Posco shall submit detailed Marine Conservation Plan to promote nesting of Olive Ridley turtle as well as Mangrove plantation." For horseshoe crabs, Posco shall "submit the grain size analyses carried out at the site of development and documentary evidences to show that the animal would prefer a grain size of 0.18 to 0.20 mm only." Maybe the port will provide berthing (and breeding) facility for critically endangered wildlife.   "Vehicular pollution due to transportation of raw material and finished products shall be controlled as well as dust emission during loading and unloading." Must be self-explanatory, this one. Safety Myths