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In the News : 2005 Disclaimer TNT does not necessarily share the views expressed, or vouch for the accuracy of facts represented, in these news reports and articles. There are no zero sum games on the edge of this forest | Dec 08, 2005 It was my second trip to Ranthambhore last month. I sat watching a group of guests sitting around a crackling bonfire at a plush hotel lawn. The Sunday Express reaches here a day late and the lead story was the point of discussion: how poachers killed… Read more To douse the raging forest fire | Oct 26, 2005 Few issues have polarized the articulate sections of the media as the proposed tribal bill has. It is difficult to think of any issue related to conservation that has revealed such a deep divide between advocates ofadivasi land rights and those who favour continued retention … Read more The Cost of Tigers | June 13, 2005 The tigers are vanishing. The government's solution is to make the tribals vanish too. A report from the fields of Madhya Pradesh… Read More The woods for the trees | June 13, 2005 The Draft Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill, 2005, proposes to "recognise and vest forest rights and occupation in forest land" to scheduled tribes who've been living there for generations though their rights have never been recorded… Read more Who’s bothered about tribal welfare? | May 05, 2005 Check closely from where all the support for the Tribal Bill is coming. Tribal rights activists and a section of credible environmentalists and ecologists are backing it. Their conviction that the tribals still form an integral part of the forest ecosystem doesn’t consider… Read more Trapped in a colonial fairy tale | May 04, 2005 The draft Tribal Bill is awaiting Cabinet approval before it is tabled in Parliament. The Prime Minister, addressing a rally in tribal-dominated Chhattisgarh this weekend, has already reiterated his government’s resolve to give back the tribals… Read more Tribals and Tigers: Will the Forest Rights Bill Save Both? | May 01, 2005 It’s a classic clash of two visions. The draft Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill 2005, aims to provide India’s adivasis secure rights to forest resources that are so intimately linked to their lives. Tribal rights activists are ecstatic. Wildlife conservationists, on the other hand… Read more Home | Reports | Related Articles | Resources | Gallery | Feedback | Contact | About