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While the great Indian middle class obsesses with cricket and corruption, an epic three-way battle is unfolding in forests across the country. It is time to take notice, and a stand. Because, more than anything else, the outcome of this tussle will decide India’s future Related Articles Either abolish environment laws or follow them — undercutting them is not an option for the Prime Minister's Office Having asked poor tribals to leave tiger reserves, the green ministry refuses to allow rich and rowdy tourists in core forests. Behind this face-off lies a network of hidden interests that exercises monopoly and prospers on corruption. More than strict regulations, it’s time for transparency Tigers have killed more than 50 people around the Tadoba Andhari reserve since 2006. Why is Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district turning into India’s bloodiest tiger conflict zone? Four tigers found dead in less than a month, within a triangular patch of about 40 sq km in the heart of one of India’s best reserves. Natural deaths? Infighting? Poaching? With the media rife with speculation, an investigation cuts through the clutter to find some answers It is one thing to watch the nation’s best forests plundered in the name of so-called GDP growth, quite another to be asked to feel good about it If inclusive growth has been a false promise, “inclusive green” is just an oxymoron. Conservation, as a cause bandied about by the elite few, conservation has alienated its most natural and powerful ally: the marginalized millions Without course correction, the village relocation drive may not secure our best tiger forests. A few early lessons Home | Reports | Related Articles | Resources | Gallery | Feedback | Contact | About Snow leopards share a particularly punishing habitat with people in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, with resources scarce and vegetation sparse. The conventional conservation model of separating wild animals and people simply does not work here. India's green establishment is showing signs of accepting this reality, if only grudgingly