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Disclaimer TNT does not necessarily share the views expressed, or vouch for the accuracy of facts represented, in these news reports and articles. Pro-Posco villagers do a U-turn, protest project | June 30, 2011 Abhay Charan Rout of Nuagaon village accepted Rs 1.4 lakh compensation and agreed to let the Jagatsinghpur administration demolish his betel vines when the Union ministry gave the go-ahead for land acquisition. Now, realizing the compensation will run out in no time, he has joined the protesters... Read more Maoists express solidarity with Posco movement | June 28, 2011 Maoists alleged that the Orissa government and the Centre had violated norms of the Union environment ministry to clear the Posco project and expressed solidarity with the agitators. A statement by the Maoists asked the government to 'stop intimidating the people' and withdraw the security forces... Read more Panel demands proper implementation of forest act | June 28, 2011 The Joint Action Committee of Yellapur and Mundgod taluk Scheduled Tribes has urged speedy implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Uttara Kannada district. Officials have said the Act was applicable only to some ST communities, which has led to discontent within the tribes, the committee said... Read more Civil society up in arms against govt | June 23, 2011 The National Alliance of People's Movements, an umbrella organization of civil society groups, has sought immediate settlement of all land disputes in Guwahati in accordance with the Forest Rights Act. The NAPM has alleged that that Assam's tribal and working class people living in the hills were being evicted on the pretext of removing encroachments... Read more State has poor record on tribal rights| June 21, 2011 Karnataka has among the worst track records in the country in meeting the rights of tribal communities, the latest figures with the Union ministry of tribal affairs reveal. Of the 1.6 lakh applications received, only 6,522 title deeds have been granted. Tripura ranks no. 1 on the list, having granted 68% of the claims... Read more Panels formed to identify, vest forest rights | June 19, 2011 The Goa government has constituted a state-level monitoring committee to supervise the process of recognizing and vesting forest rights with tribal and traditional forest dwellers... Read more Environment white paper unveils plans for England's 'natural assets' | June 7, 2011 A dozen new large-scale conservation areas, protection for ancient woods and nature ambassadors are needed to protect England's environment, says the government's first natural environment white paper in nearly 20 years... Read more Posco unrest spills on to streets |  June 6, 2011 As the administration and the anti-industry brigade scaled up preparations for a showdown at Dhinkia village in the next few days, five political parties hit the streets of Bhubaneswar against the government's "terror tactics" and said it would be responsible for "any explosive situation"... Read more I have always been transparent: Jairam | June 5, 2011 Consistent, he may not be, but two years into the environment ministry, Jairam Ramesh says he cannot be accused of lack of clarity and transparency. And the gamechanger, he says in this interview, is the Forests Rights Act which is now an integral part of the Forest Conservation Act process... Read more In N Bengal, forest dept stands in way of justice | June 5, 2011 The former Left Front government's overt and covert attempts to undermine the Forest Rights Act has, thanks to an awareness campaign by the National Forum of Forest Peoples and Forest Workers, triggered widespread resistance from forest dwellers in North Bengal. Now, a vindictive forest department is hitting back... Read more A bamboo revolution in nondescript Futana | June 5, 2011 Mendha-Lekha in Gadchiroli recently became the first village in India to get rights to cut bamboo growing naturally in the forest. But Futana village in Gondia district is perhaps the first to grow bamboo on forest land and sell it with the help of the forest department. The income from this will go to improve the condition of the village and for the welfare of its people... Read more Coal mining extracts environmental, social toll | June 5, 2011 Corridors of elephants and tigers, India's core forests have never been as threatened as they are now. Backed by the ministries of industry and power, India's coal ministry is pressing for freeing up of more and more of these forests for mining. Of 203 coal blocks declared 'no go' areas, the coal ministry wants access to 90% of these... Read more Success stories | June 4, 2011 In the long history of alienation of land, a few instances of positive assertion of tribal land rights have come up, particularly in the last decade. These are indeed inspiring stories of sustained struggle at the level of civil society and the judiciary, coupled with conscientious intervention from sections of the bureaucracy... Read more Orissa to renew lapsed Posco pact | June 2, 2011 The stars are finally beginning to shine for global steel major Posco. While the Orissa govt has decided to renew its lapsed agreement with the South Korean firm, in Karnataka, where Posco is exploring options to build a second steel plant, land has been identified by the government... Read more Home | Reports | Related Articles | Resources | Gallery | Feedback | Contact | About In the News : 2011