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Disclaimer TNT does not necessarily share the views expressed, or vouch for the accuracy of facts represented, in these news reports and articles. Home | Reports | Related Articles | Resources | Gallery | Feedback | Contact | About Land mafia paying tribals for forest encroachment | March 31, 2011 The land mafia is paying tribals off to grab forest land, according to a survey by the National Rainfed Area Authority. The survey was done in 10 states on the lives and livelihood of tribal and forest-dwellers in the country… Read more Gram Sabha empowered to manage forest resources | March 23, 2011 The Centre has empowered the gram sabha to manage forest resources and protect tribal rights, and have a say in determining whether an individual has committed an offence under the Forest Rights Act. But, activists say the move is “insufficient” to end harassment… Read more Ramesh hoodwinked Bellary project | March 23, 2011 Environment minister Jairam Ramesh’s ban on mining projects in Bellary appears to have been violated by his own ministry. An under-secretary with the Karnataka forests department has accused the forest division of giving final approval to a mining company for operations in Bellary… Read more NAC fixes roles of green, tribal ministries on FRA | March 15, 2011 Carving out specific roles for ministries in implementation of the Forest Rights Act, the National Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi said policy directive on wildlife habitats was the domain of the tribal affairs ministry, not the environment ministry… Read more Misguided rules | March 15, 2011 Guidelines issued by the forests ministry to identify inviolate areas for wildlife have bypassed the Forest Rights Act of 2006. Issued on February 7, they empower the divisional forest officer and the park manager to arbitrarily identify ‘critical wildlife habitats’ without involvement of locals… Read more Rough weather in four reserves on Forest Rights Act rollout | March 4, 2011 In a recent meeting of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, members pointed out seven specific instances of violation of Forest Rights Act in an attempt to hastily declare an area free of people. BRT sanctuary, Sunabeda and Mudumalai were among the areas identified… Read more Tribals vs tiger conservation | March 1, 2011 Millions of dollars are raised at home and abroad to secure the future of the tiger, but those who are paying dearly are unglamorous locals who have had to quietly forsake their homes and traditional livelihoods. There is a gaping fracture between words and action… Read more In the News : 2011